X-mas countdown


DIY christmas countdown advent calendar, wrapping paper, papercraft, downloadable pdf


To exited to wait for Christmas? Count down the days to christmas with this easy to make beautiful advent calendar and wrapping paper patterns.

DIY time about an hour. Package contains a pdf with instructions and a pdf with 24 for pages, one for each day.

Materials used :
  • paper,
  • scissors ,
  • sewing machine or double sided tape,
  • pretty ribbon, and
  • gifts to put inside.


Size of each triangle:

about 140mm x 140mmx140mm

How it works
  • Read the instructions ‘-)
  • Print the 24 days (print borderless if you can, if not just trim the extra whites on the sides when needed)
  • Cut of the bottom part of the page
  • Sew or tape two sides
  • Fill them with candy of a gift
  • Sew or tape last side

you are almost FINISHED

You can to put them in a nice bucket or box or hang them on a pretty ribbon. If you leave a little of the sewing thread you can use that to attach them to a ribbon so the can be easily cut of by your children.

Dont hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions!