My little paper piglet folding kit for a diamond style low poly Piggy bank – downloadable pdf


This little piggy can be used for various things, as a nice piece of artwork, a money collector for mariages or piggy bank. It doesn’t need food and won’t break in thousand peices when you want to collect your savings.

This kit contains 38 pieces to assemble and has detailled building instructions.

DIY time : about 5 hours
Difficulty : Hard

What you need:
  • Glue
  • Siccors
  • Something pointy to score with
What you do…

Step 1: Print all 38 pieces (11 pages), score the dotted lines
Step 2: Fold the tabs to both sides
Step 3: Paste the numbers on the tabs together. Start with the ears (numbers 1 – 9 ) and ( 11 – 20 ) continue with the rest, numbers 114-120, 128-132 and 67-78, 101-109 these are the feet.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have problems or questions.

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Have fun!