Pirate blackbeard’s beard-mask printable papercraft party favors


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This hilarious pirates blackbeards beardmask is good for a lot of laughs. Use them for a pirate themed birthday party or a last minute halloween disguise.

Inspired by the twitter beard mask you find here: http://www.vonglitschka.com

1. Download the pdf (find e viewer here http://get.adobe.com/reader/)
2. Print it on firm paper
3. If you’ve printed it on normal paper paste it on a cardboard or thicker paper
4. Cut it out following the orange lines
5. Paste the moustache on the beard
6. Add a stick to the back to hold it (optional)
7. Find a victim to scare

* if you can print on photo paper you not only have firm enough paper but also briljant colours

We would love to see what you’ve made out of it! Send us some pictures and we will integrate the funniest the Etsy previews.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me!
Have Fun!