Orange low ply pumpkin, perfect for halloween easy to paint.


Beautiful kirigami papercraft Pumpkin. Made from 7 pages of coloured paper. Perfect halloween decoration. Easy to paint.
This papercraft DIY kit can be printed at home on high quality 160 – 220gr paper in any colour combination.

Print it on A4 paper or scale it for a smaller or bigger result.

Cut and fold according to the instructions

final size of pumpkin a4:
±20 cm wide
±20 cm height
±20 cm deep

This folding kit is consists of 31 parts. The tabs are designed in a way that they are almost invisible if you want to turn your Pumpkin into a lampshade. Be sure to use LED lights!

DIY time 3 to 4 hours.

This download contains

• pdf with instructions (9 pages) page 8 and 9 are instructions and don’t have to be printed.

Here’s what you need

• Glue or double sided tape
• Scissors or knife
• Something pointy to crease/score the folding lines
• 7 sheets of Paper min 160 to max 220 grams. For this pumpkin I used 1 sheet of green, 2 sheets of light orange, 2 sheets of orange and 2 sheets of dark orange

What you need to do

Step 1: Print all 31 pieces (7 pages, except 8 and 9) print ‘borderless’ if you can otherwise ‘print to fit paper’
Step 2: Cut the pieces and score the dotted lines with a pointy object (scissors)
Step 3: Fold the dotted lines to both sides to make a good crease.
Step 4: Paste the same numbers on the tabs together.

Step 5: Paint it (with spray paint) of turn it into a lampshade don’t forget to leave one triangle open at the bottom.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have problems or questions.

Have fun!

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