DIY paper bunting and cupcake patterns for the 4th of July decoration.

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 7 different patterns to be printed single or double sided. You can even give it a grungy effect! with this free downloadable effects pdf!

Each pattern page has 3 flags and 2 cirkels for cupcake or another bunting line. We’ve added an extra pdf with different templates such as bigger flags more cupcake cirkels or cupcake wrapper. Print one of the templates first and reload the page to print one of the patterns (page 10 to 16) on the same side.


Size of the triangle 13 cm x 20 cm, size of the cirkels 4.5cm x 4.5 cm. Size of the pdf A4. Note a pdf can be scaled to any size.
Even A3!

Step 1
Print page one or two 7 times to give your flag a old or grungy style
Step 2
Feed the same printed paper into you printer to print the 7 different flag patterns (page 3 to 9)

For double sided print repeat steps one and two but use page 10 to 16 for the backside.

find pdf viewer here

Have fun!


Owner and Creative studio Renate